True Passion for shirts

In 1988 The Shirt Factory was founded with the idea of creating inspiring shirt fashion of high quality at a competitive price. It’s a philosophy we still hold true today.

Fashionable shirts with a perfect fit, high finish and superior quality at a reasonable price – such commitment leaves no room for compromises. That’s why we use quality cotton fabrics that are normally only the reserve of more exclusive labels.

Our fashion combines European shirt-making tradition with the expertise of some of the world’s foremost shirt makers. Because details distinguish a quality shirt from cheaper alternatives, our shirts contain elements that aren’t always visible to the eye, but are absolutely crucial in providing the perfect fit and pleasing quality that characterise our shirts.

Our fashion retails through our own concept stores and selected partners. All design and administration take place at our head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ethics & Environment
As with other renowned fashion brands, we entrust the production of our clothes to the world’s foremost manufacturers in southeast Asia and Turkey. The favourable cost level of these countries is not the sole motive behind this practice since the unrivalled craftsmanship is difficult to find elsewhere.

While we are pleased to be able to provide these employment opportunities in manufacturing countries, we are also aware of the special responsibility associated with placing production in countries with less developed legislation and practices in the labour and environmental fields.

We therefore demand that our partners implement fair labour conditions and working environments, judged from both a local and an international perspective. We particularly and categorically opposes the use of child labour (as defined by the UN and ILO) and insist that our partners do likewise. We also take just as much care that production is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner, in accordance with local and international regulations.